Odor Elimination

Use old newspapers, scrunched up, to eliminate odors! Put them in your shoes or boots, overnight.  Put them in your washing machine, when not in use.  In your refrigerator drawers or even shelves, if you need to get rid of a bad odor.  Children who play brass instruments will appreciate this tip for their instrument cases!  Also, you may need it for auto trunks or vans after a big rain.  The newspaper will absorb all the moisture and avoid the mildewy smell from settling into your carpets and upholstering.

Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood Floor Care

Cleaning hardwood floors is one of the simplest chores in the world. Go over them whenever needed with a soft broom, and every couple of weeks, vacuum them with the soft brush attachment. Should you spill something on the floor, clean it up immediately with a damp mop. Aside from a rotary tiller running at full speed, the most dangerous enemy of a hardwood floor is water or any other kind of liquid that’s allowed to soak into the wood.

“As printed in How To Clean Stuff”

Daytime Office Cleanings

Daytime office cleaning saves energy

Armed with microfiber mops and dusters and low-noise vacuums, a group of workers has emerged from the cover of night to lead a revolution.

Cleaning crews are boldly steering janitorial carts into office buildings’ lobbies, work cubicles, and restrooms when such potentially disruptive activity has long been considered a no-no: in the daytime.

They are buffing and wiping and collecting trash in the middle of other workers’ workdays – even as those employees take phone calls, pore over spreadsheets, or write reports.

A popular practice in Europe, out West, and even in corporate-headquarters-rich Atlanta, the movement is barely a ripple in this region. But commercial-property owners expect a steady stream of converts.

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