Q.  How long will the carpet take to dry?
A.  Typically carpet takes 4 – 5 hours to dry completely.  Carpet that is heavily soiled or has a lot of spots and needing extra attention will take longer to dry.

Q.  Is J’s Multi Services Insured?
A.  J’s Multi Services LLC and our employees are bonded and insured.

Q.  Do you have the staffing to provide loading and unload labor?
A.  Yes, we can supply general labor for a variety of work.

Q.  Do you offer nightly janitorial services?
A.  We offer daily, nightly or periodic cleaning; we even provide day porter services.

Q.  I have trash and furniture in my basement that I need to have removed, is that something J’s Multi Services can do?
A.  Debris removal is one of many tasks we do for home owners and business’ alike.